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Let's Get Connected

Schedule an appointment via email. Let me know if you prefer meeting over either zoom, in person, or phone call. Be sure to include an overview of your business, questions, goals, and available time & dates in the email. I will contact you shortly.

Signing Contract

Complementary Conversation (45 minutes)

This 45 minute initial conversation assesses your businesses needs and goals for future growth. With the guidance of networking expert, Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker,

she can determine which form of learning would best suit you, the interests of your brand, and the needs of your company.

Need more one-on-one training?

Or perhaps a group setting with instant feedback?

Looking to train your employees in a positive environment?

Whatever your business needs, we will propel it into successful networking that is proven to retain clients and increase sales.         

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of your next strategic steps.

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