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Growth Networking with the Red Hawk, Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

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July 16, 2021   

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Be TOP of MIND: Relationship Strategies to WIN  a Networking Made Easier to boost your Net Worth $ even Virtually.

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The Journey Towards Successful Networking With Others Begins on the Path of Updating Your Skills with Training & Guidance on How to Best Connect.  Begin Your Journey Today.

"Elizabeth's training tools are practical and hands-on as well as offering strategies on how to be more focused and follow-through with networking. All businesses need to network to be succesfull and all networkers need to attend Red Hawk Strategic Solutions to be successful."

-Tonya McClane, CEO

"Elizabeth is one of the most passionate, dedicated, and informed professionals and strategists. She brings 100% of herself to every opportunity and everyone she works with. Her commitment is unwavering and desire to deliver results unending. She's an absolute delight to work with."

-Loyalty Networking

"Thank you Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, The Red Hawk Strategic Solutions and Veronica Kirkhart for an amazing class today. Everyone in business can benefit from your Follow Up & Follow Through Training. Highly recommended training. Thank you!"

- Tina Mainer, Keffer Realty


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     Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker founded Red Hawk Strategic Solutions in 2015 to help businesses strategically grow customers and sales. For 20 years prior, Elizabeth led non-traditional business development initiatives for Virginia and North Carolina corporations.

     Today, clients seek Elizabeth's training to master the customer service and sales experience, grow their market and referrals, or develop new programs. Her magnetism puts strangers at ease and has led to fun and exciting collaborations. Elizabeth created Growth Networking www.GrowthNetworking.com and trained over a thousand professionals on those successful techniques so they too can connect like a magnet.

     She cultivates strangers into lasting friendships and explores relationship-making concepts in her upcoming book on making connections into Friendships.

     Elizabeth holds a Bachelor's degree from Old Dominion University in Political science, a Master's degree in Business Administration from Strayer University, and is certified in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University, September 2020.

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