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Upcoming Events
June 27, 2019
July 31, 2019
August 27 & 28, 2019
Winning Ways to Network to Get Results
​Held at Freedom Boat Club, Portsmouth, VA.
Winning Ways to Network to Get Results
Held at BNI headquarters, VB, VA. This free seminar goes over the basics of how to increase referrals and client retention.
Top-of-Mind Bootcamp
​Held at Troy University, Chesapeake, VA.
Value $490
Growth Networking Academy
Deep dive into networking​ with this 8 week long course. 

If you feel isolated and lost because you just don’t know how to connect with people; your business is suffering from your failed attempts at social networking and meeting strangers is draining; you have to accept that nothing is going to get better unless you make some changes.


People do business with those they KNOW, LIKE, TRUST and REMEMBER.


Whether you are new to the business community or an established business owner, expanding your network will increase your profits. You can learn networking the same way you can learn swimming but you need a coach.


You can learn how to own the room; make effective contacts with people; make friends.  These are skills…it’s not magic.


Learn how to Network with a purpose and draw clients to you. Learn the power of Growth Networking!


In less than three months, we can work together to incorporate proven methods into your style.


We can transform how you engage with others so you become a person others remember, want to see again, and recommend to THEIR contacts.

Let's move beyond the fear of having to network with strangers as described in the testimonial that follows. How do you relate to this situation?

A Good First Impression is Not Enough; 
You Need to Make a Good Lasting Impression!

Introducing the Growth Networking System

The Red Hawk
Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker
President & Founder


  • I know my business super-well but people don’t seem to hear or remember me.

  • I am uncomfortable discussing my business and goals with strangers. 

  • I struggle with asking others to recommend me to their contacts because they may not want to and I might seem pushy.

  • I’m an introvert and I never really learned how to talk to people. So when I see a room full of people I don’t see a room of full of opportunity.

  • I feel like a room full of people is a room to be avoided which makes it difficult to grow my business, sell my services, grow my territory, and even have a social life.

  • I dread having to stand up and give my elevator speech. It calls everyone’s attention to me and I don’t like it!

  • I never remember people's names.  If they remember me later, it’s awkward.

If that sounds like you, read on. There is a better way …


“My boss said I HAVE to go do a trade-show to grow our clients.  Listen to me, I said I HAVE to go.  Oh boy… I know how this will feel.  I am there all day, thinking, “Please let this day be over!”   

"I don’t feel comfortable talking with those people approaching me, I am afraid I will say the wrong thing.  What if they don’t like me? I remember the last time, I finished the event, went home, sat on my bed and just cried, thinking the day was an entire disaster.”

- Elain

Commonly Asked Questions

How long is the Growth Networking system? 

The actual curriculum is broken down into eight modules for convenience and learning at a pace that allows the knowledge to soak in. The course is expected to take six to eight weeks.


Will I need to practice while learning the system? 

Yes, it is recommended that we go onsite to an event and access the opportunities; additional option is to have a pre-graduation onsite visit to feel the transformation. Fortunately, you can practice anywhere, even if you are alone.


How is this different from what I am doing now and learning on my own? 

You can continue on your same course but I challenge you to reflect a moment, be candid and ask yourself “Am I improving so I can meet my growth goals? Will my next twelve months of networking and connecting really be better than my last twelve months?“


Will this investment in myself really help my business? 

You are your business. Your strength is the strength of your business. Your weakness is the weakness of your business. Effective communication leads to successful networking. Successful networking increases your reach. Whether you want to grow your business, raise money for your favorite charity, get invited to more social events, investing in yourself will help convert those wishes into reality. Today is a great day to invest in yourself!